ABOUT Moira Games

We build games you`ll actually play!

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We've developed an innovative approach to economy &
tokenomics design for the Web3\NFT Gaming industry.

We're talking about a complete modification of current principles!!!

We are confident that our GTRS model will succeed, and we will prove it with the release of our extraordinary game "ESSENCE" - is also an Cross-Niche & Inter-Genre Solution, with no direct analogues on the Web3&Web2 markets, which will satisfy the claims of the most subtle players.

Mass Market Oriented Design

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01 / Extra Rare Exp.

10+ years (avg) experience that covers full Project development cycle of any complexity & any step of Lean Product Process. We operate deep beyond the realm of conventional dev knowledge.

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02 / Senior's Board

The Core Team consist exclusively of proven professionals, whose efficiency and results far exceed any expectations and have been confirmed by years of collaboration.

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03 / Principles "U.S.E"

Usefulness<>Stability<>Emotionality is our own strict codex that defines our every internal and external interaction. From the Archetypes of Psychology to Architecture and a line of code.

We are an international team

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We have a philosophy OPENNESS & transparency, SOLID,
SECURE long-term partnerships ORIENTED

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FounderS of UNDEADS Metaverse

Tim and his team are an incredible and talented group of individuals. Their extensive experience and exceptional performance truly impressed us 🤯. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to them on the launch of their company, and we are confident they will rock the market again! 🧨

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Games IS...

For each member of our team, Games are not just “leisure and entertainment” they have shaped us as individuals since our childhood. Game universes, their stories, and characters were our teachers, examples of behavior, and a means of interacting with each other. Sometimes they even provided a refuge from real storms, where we found loyal friends and like-minded people. And No one has the right to create "empty" games for a new generation!!!

Don’t make crap

This is reason for our unity and why we call ourselves “Association of friends & pro specialists.” We sincerely believe that only extraordinary and atypical games with deep philosophy and sincerity can break through the pile of commercial and cloned junk that fills any GameStore.

The fundamental goal of our team is to bring Onley Bright, Fresh, and Unique solutions on Web3&Web2 gaming.

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Once our GTRS model is validated through the release of ESSENCE we will enhance it with a Special
Update and develop tools for all Indie Developers.

We are community-oriented & thank everyone
who spreads info about us